Learning To Focus: A Journey In Meditation

One of the biggest problems I had throughout the day was that I had trouble finishing one task before I found myself beginning to do something else.Meditation

And these tasks tended to stack up. By the end of the week, I would have about a dozen things to do that have all been started but all unfinished.

Clearly, this is not how to get things done.

One of the first things I did was go back to two articles on the powers of meditation that I read on the NY Times some time ago. According to these articles, people who made it a habit to meditate tended have sharper focus than people who did not.

Read about it here and here.

Well, this definitely sounded interesting. So I thought that it was worth a try!

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Killing Distractions: My Quest to Get Things Done

I bet you have had days when you simply couldn’t get anything done.

Maybe you spent too much time watching your Facebook feed, or maybe you couldnt find a way to peel yourself away from reading your favorite blog.

Or maybe you have found yourself working on a task when suddenly a new idea takes shape in your mind. Not wanting to lose the inspiration, you immediately set out on this new task, leaving the previous one unfinished.

Nothing gets accomplished.

A combination of a lack of focus and bad habits can really put a dent in your productivity.

Well, some days ago, as I prepared to leave work, I decided that enough was enough. I seriously needed to get rid of all the distractions that was keeping me from hitting my targets.

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Rental Property 2 – Laying Out the Plan

The Problem With Living in the One Bedroom Condo

The only problem I can see with our property is that it’s not anymore quite as enticing to live

there as it used to be. Yes, it’s only about twenty minutes to the central business district, however, there are newer properties that have been built over the past five years that are closer and easier to get to.

Oh, and another thing I’ve noticed is that the condo facilities are also not as breathtaking as the properties that were built recently. There is a large pool, an indoor basketball court, a fitness center, a small children’s playground and a convenience store. Overall, I’d say it’s decent but it can’t compete with those condos that boast of Bali-like themes and amenities that look as if you’re living in a resort.

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The Power of Persistence

A great attitude to have when you are on the hunt for a new
income stream is to be patient and persistent!

I really  can’t find any reason for a person to fail at anything if they have persistence and a little know-how.

Actually, in caveman terms, I believe that if you hack at something long enough, something has got to give. Note: this only fails if you are going about this in an incredibly stupid way. Like chopping at a tree to make it fall in your direction.

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Project: The Rental Property 1 – Meet The One Bedroom Condo

If you have read any of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad books (and
there are several flavors out there), you will know that his biggest source of income when he started out was in real estate. He made a lot of great deals with minimal cash. One of his cash cows were properties that he bought at fire sale prices and converted into regularly paying rentals. Part of the money he made from rent paid for the small mortgage and maintenance cost on those properties. The rest of the money he used to reinvest and grow his small real estate empire. Sounds like this is worth a try, eh?

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Three Ways to Get Started with Passive Income

Okay, now we’ve had some time to play around with all the possibilities that a lot of Passive Incomepassive income can bring into our lives, it’s time to get to work.

I’m not a major industry player and I’m not a rich man so what I can share is what I’ve learned when I first started on this journey. And as with all our journeys in life, the most important but also hardest thing to do is to take that first step. Excuse me if these suggestions are more on the side of philosophical or general…we’ll have time to get into the technical details of everything later.

And now…how to get started with passive income…

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So You Want to Make Money: Why Being a Little Lazy is Good

Alright, so maybe being lazy isn’t good.

I was just trying to catch your attention. Actually, what I meant to say was:
Why Passive Income is Good. Admit it, this title doesn’t sound as intriguing the headline above, right? Anyway, let’s get to the meat of it.

I’d  love to quit my day job but since that’s really not possible at the moment(because my wife would kill me), the next best thing for me is to make some money on the side without interfering with the corporate career I’ve spent the better part of a decade nurturing.

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Hello from the Cubicle Hugger!

Hi there!

If you just stumbled into this corner of the web for the first time, welcome!

This is a place where I chronicle all my experiments regarding the pursuit of happiness and financial freedom. I have a couple of ideas and I’m slowly giving each one a try.

I’ve been following a lot of bloggers for a while now and there is a niche section of the web that I seem to always find mai taimyself coming back to. These are the bloggers who like to promote the Internet Lifestyle. The niche is also known by its other aliases, Live the Internet Dream, Make Money Online and Get Away from Your 8 to 5 Job. I especially love the contrasting personalities of two people whose blogs I read about the most.  Tim Ferris, whose Four Hour Work Week and global adventures leaves me salivating, and Pat Flynn, whose easy style makes you feel like he’s this guy you’ve known all your life and is teaching you how to get out of the rut you’ve buried yourself in.

Their  rationale is pretty compelling.

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