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Hi there!

If you just stumbled into this corner of the web for the first time, welcome!

This is a place where I chronicle all my experiments regarding the pursuit of happiness and financial freedom. I have a couple of ideas and I’m slowly giving each one a try.

I’ve been following a lot of bloggers for a while now and there is a niche section of the web that I seem to always find mai taimyself coming back to. These are the bloggers who like to promote the Internet Lifestyle. The niche is also known by its other aliases, Live the Internet Dream, Make Money Online and Get Away from Your 8 to 5 Job. I especially love the contrasting personalities of two people whose blogs I read about the most.  Tim Ferris, whose Four Hour Work Week and global adventures leaves me salivating, and Pat Flynn, whose easy style makes you feel like he’s this guy you’ve known all your life and is teaching you how to get out of the rut you’ve buried yourself in.

Their  rationale is pretty compelling.

Financial Freedom.

The topic often stirs fantasies of days spent on the beach sipping on a mai tai while everyone else stays glued to their office desks and enduring the stress of the daily commute. They punch in at eight and leave at five with an hour of lunch in between and a coffee break in the afternoon. Pity the poor suckers! Time for my daily kite boarding lesson…

…and I’m back. I’m still in front of my monitor sitting in my trusty chair that I’ve had for so long that my butt cheeks have started to create an outline of itself on the cushion.  It was a great fantasy while it lasted.

In the morning I will have to get dressed, catch a train and sit down at my desk for the mandatory eight hour work day (because They don’t believe in flexible working hours where I work). At 5:30pm I will punch out, catch the train back home and settle down for another night of slogging (the feeling I get on those days when I blog but without any passion, only incredible laziness). Maybe one day I will be able to follow these people whose lives I read about into freedom from a fixed hour work week.  Maybe I will be able to spend weekdays at the beach while a business pours on the money for my daily expenses.  But since I have a middle class lifestyle to maintain, bills to pay and a blog that isn’t making a whole lot of money, I will have to suck it up and stay corporate.

I’m dreaming of a happy ending here. I hope someday to close this blog and start a new one. I think I’ll call it MaiTaiWorkWeek.com. In the meantime, I’ll work with what I have. In the meantime…(cue the dramatic music…)

I am the Cubicle Hugger.

(Say hi back!)

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