The Power of Persistence

A great attitude to have when you are on the hunt for a new
income stream is to be patient and persistent!

I really  can’t find any reason for a person to fail at anything if they have persistence and a little know-how.

Actually, in caveman terms, I believe that if you hack at something long enough, something has got to give. Note: this only fails if you are going about this in an incredibly stupid way. Like chopping at a tree to make it fall in your direction.

I mean, take for example the simple business of selling lemonade. The money you can make from this is probably going to be pretty awful. But if you persist at it, I’m sure there’s bound to be an aha! moment when you finally figure out the how and why and what in making some real money from this business.

Case in Point: Google has a pretty non-existent business model until they discovered(stole, depending on who’s telling the story) the concept of contextual ads. But nevertheless, they kept on developing and improving their core product until BAM! things tipped and money came pouring in like rain.

My own personal experience? I would have to say that it would be my first successful website.

That venture started out as series of projects me and my friend started back in 2008. The goal at the time was to make a quick buck out of Adsense(yes, we were one of those people). After about almost eight months of full effort, we finally got it to the point where the blogs were making an astounding FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH! (sarcasm)

After that, we pretty much gave up on the project and quietly decided to stop working on those websites. That should have been the end of that.


A few months later, I noticed that these sites were STILL making the same amount of money. At that time, I thought, hmmmm, maybe we’re on to something here.

So I slowly started to put some more work into those websites again and at the same time studying how this entire concept of SEO worked.

Fast forward a year later to today. The site has hit number one on several search topics and generates a fair amount of revenue for me. I hardly do any work on it now except to write one or two good articles a month.


The website now pays for all my projects as well as my equipment and all my other crazy experiments in passive income. I would call it an amazing success at this point because it has gone above and beyond any expectation I had set for it. But at the time I started, it was making very little money and all I had to go on at the time was a lot of faith (and plenty of boredom at work!).

Hacking at it long enough and probably at all the right places got me results.

I still can’t believe it today.

This is why I encourage anyone to adopt the same attitude. Keep hacking at whatever it is long enough in the right way and you are bound to achieve something.

Persistence Pays.

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